Dr Claire Barnes
Sub-theme lead: health and wellbeing C.M.Barnes@Swansea.ac.uk

Claire Barnes is a lecturer in the Medical Engineering department at Swansea University. Claire’s main interest is the analytics of Human Centred data. She has worked on a number of studies profiling human motion. Through the application of various signal analysis techniques, data mining and population profiling, she has used motion to assess and predict fitness levels along with health and wellbeing of various cohorts including older adults.

Claire’s research also involves the application of Bioimaging analytical techniques to the study of high throughput cellular images and she is interested in bringing together some of these approaches to various large datasets, both structured and unstructured with the goal of turning these into actionable knowledge. She is involved in a number of projects to assess health and in particular cognitive function through motion in older adults. She is also involved in a project with the Awen Institute to assess the engagement of ageing populations with media.


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