In the consumer market, people aged over 50 account for £320 billion of annual UK household spending and 75% of the nation’s wealth.


This represents a significant commercial opportunity for industry and highlights the necessity for businesses to understand the needs of older people. The ‘creative industries’ is a broad term for sectors such as advertising, architecture, art, design, fashion, technology, performing arts, broadcasting, media, museums and gaming. These sectors make almost £92 billion for the UK economy and support almost three million jobs.

People Aged over

Annual UK household spend

Nations wealth

Jobs in creative industries


Estimates show by 2025/30 around 25% of the creative industries market will rely on older consumers. While this offers a major opportunity for creative industries, it also presents a challenge, with businesses under-prepared to meet the needs and aspirations of this new and rising demographic.

The Awen Institute encourages collaboration amongst experts. It brings together the creative industries, researchers, older people and older people’s stakeholder groups to co-produce new solutions through research and development for this increasing demographic. This institute is pioneering the next wave of breakthroughs designed to help us live fulfilling lives as we age.


Our mission

Older people should be valued members of society. The Awen
Institute is undertaking co-created research to develop innovative
solutions that will improve life for all of us as we age.


Our core values


Develop new creative responses and implement practical solutions
for ageing societies.



Place older people at the centre of our work to enable the cocreation of products and services for this increasingly significant
market segment.



Utilise relationships to stimulate integrative support for innovation
and research-intensive collaboration.



Place academic excellence at the forefront of our work to ensure
expert research is undertaken.


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